Meet the Committee - Rachel Barnett



"I grew up on a farm, and was lucky enough that my parents gave in and bought my sister and me a pony when I was 13. Since then I have only been horse-free during my university years, buying a horse as soon as I could once I was working and could afford the livery fees!
I have owned Bee since she was 3, and together we have competed in unaffiliated and WCRG dressage, show jumping, Intro eventing and have just completed our first affiliated dressage competition, finishing 5th (rather amazingly, as she was v.naughty!) She is my best friend and, after my baby -Charlotte, she is my favourite 'person'. She is always pleased to see me, although she can be a stroppy mare at times (not unlike her owner!) and she certainly puts the 'boys' in her field in their place. My only real criticism of her is that she has a white tail, which is a real pain to keep clean!
I really enjoy the WCRG atmosphere, both at Talk and Chats and at the dressage competitions, everyone is so friendly and welcoming - it seemed a natural progression to become part of the committee and help organise the things our members enjoy."

Rachel Barnett, WCRG Chairman & Treasurer

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